About Renee

After finishing her Environmental Studies degree from the University of Buffalo in New York, Renee moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to be close to her family. It was in paradise that she found her passion for creating images. She initially began working as an Outreach Environmental Educator at Dolphin Quest but quickly became cross-trained in the photography and videography department. She has been photographing events, weddings, portraits, and more ever since.

Though she now shoots digital, Renee learned her craft by photographing with film which gives her a deep understanding of light, angles, and manual mode. Making quick, manual adjustments while engaging with her clients helps to create natural and timeless images that you will love.

Renee’s 19 years of award winning photography spans across all genres. She has a history of shooting weddings, portraits, corporate events, maternity, birth, and newborn photography. Most recently she has honed her skills in fashion and lifestyle photography at MMA International, a wholesale jewelry company located in Austin, Texas.

Having traveled the world, visiting 6 of the 7 continents and over 50 countries she has a true passion for experiencing and photographing the diversity of our world. Her photography has been published in a multitude of publications throughout her career. For nearly two decades, Renee has expressed her creativity through a lens and continues to make her clients smile with her breathtaking work. She currently divides her time between Austin, Texas and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.


piko /ˈpi.ko/ n 1. Navel, belly button 2. Crown of the head 3. Summit of a mountain (Hawaiian Origin)

piko piko /ˈpi.ko//ˈpi.ko/ v 1. Ancient Hawaiian breathing technique for harmony. The most powerful energy centers used here are the navel and the crown of the head. Helpful for grounding and centering to help you reach a state of relaxed spiritual alertness and reduce stress.